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Donna Soldano. LMFT, ATR-BC

What is art therapy?
Art therapy is the marriage of: art and psychology. Art therapy combines elements of the visual arts, the creative process, human development, behavior, personality, and mental health. Art therapy asks you to explore your inner experience, your feelings, perceptions, and imagination. It may involve learning new skills or art techniques, but the emphasis is generally first on developing and expressing images that come from inside the individual. In art therapy, your inner world of images, feelings, thoughts, and ideas are always the focus and primary to the experience. Art expression can provide a space where new attitudes and feelings can be expressed and explored.

A little bit about me
When I first think about Art Therapy and how it is healing, the word imagination comes to mind.  I strongly believe that it is through our imaginations that we create our realities.  Imagination can shape the way we see our reality and therefore affect our feelings, behavior, hopes, expectations and the will to bring our imaginations into tangible action in our lives. Imagination can also allow us to consider new possibilities that may not yet be in front of us but because of our ability to imagine it we are able to move in that direction towards making it possible.  Our imaginations allow us to problem solve and think of solutions others may not have thought of yet.  And it is through our imaginations we create art and express ourselves therefore opening up new possibilities to transform our self and our lives in the direction we hope and imagine.

I hope to encourage and guide my clients to gain the awareness and knowing that they have all that they need inside of them.  In our society we are often told to look for things outside ourselves for healing and knowledge.  These things may be helpful and contribute to our wellbeing but if we really listen to ourselves and our knowing that comes from within us, and we trust what we know is authentic and true to us and not influenced by what we think we should do or be, I believe we will be guided to the innate wellbeing that we all possess as individuals.  And through imagination we can be led in the direction we want to imagine for ourselves. Whether that is imagining more positive thoughts and experiences or imagining a new idea, healing pain, a change in the world or imagining a new way to be in a relationship.  It all begins with your imagination.  If you can imagine it you can begin to create it.

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Creating art can be especially effective for children, teens, and young adults struggling to effectively express their emotions and communicate what they are experiencing inside. For those that talk therapy has not been successful, Art Therapy can offer an outlet and an alternative to expressing emotions that they could not do verbally.

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